Thursday, November 17, 2011


Omigoodness - I am about as crazy as it gets.  I completely forgot my password for this blog-that would be why I haven't updated in so long. . . !  he he he! Welp, little man is getting over an ear infection once again - but have no fear, all is well!  I FINALLY ordered a laptop, so this is my big chance to get into networking and doing something with my life, haha!  I am hoping to build a better clientele through the internet - and I am actually in need of some willing ladies to let me perform up-do's on them for some advertising.  Let me know if you're interested!

I've also just purchased tons of Rusk color, in place of my Paul Mitchell color.  I wasn't liking the way the PM was working.  I suppose it was the amount of warmth I was getting on some clients.  I have had to fix 2 women in the past month due to "hot roots" as we call it.  Not a good thing!  I am loving the line so far, they have some beautiful colors. . . especially their chocolate line! :)  I cannot wait to use it on more clients! It has incredible shine, and it lasts a long time!  I have heard that this color line is also warm, but it definitely has different modifiers to help tune out those warm tones.  We'll see what awaits with this color line!

On another note, Christmas is almost here! :) Santa better get to workin' reeeeeeal soon because it comes faster than we know it!

Much love!

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